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Avoid the Pitfalls of Making Cheesecake!

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Some said its easy, some said its hard but some other said its not as hard as what people think and expect! That is the premise when the bake lover talking on the topic of making cheesecake.

Cheesecake is the type of dessert that could do well in almost every occasion. Christmas, thanksgiving, birthday, even for just casual dinner or family time. With ingredients that could be easily found at the kitchen, cheesecake is at that point of every baker should mastered!

But then as mentioned in the title, cheesecake is the kind of dish that could have some pitfalls. A little bad move would make your cheesecake ended up being left out during the family dinner. Here are some tips that can help the bake lover to make the perfect cheesecake for every occasion!

        Room temperature
What we aim here is to get smoother cheesecake coming from the well blend ingredients. The key is to make sure all the ingredients store at the room temperature.

        Beat lightly, hard, but lightly
On the process of mixing the ingredients just make sure that everything mixed thoroughly without doing overbeat. Do it on medium low speed!

        Avoid flipping the pan!
Use a spring foam fan can a trick to passed this challenge. Make sure that the pans well-greased so it will not ruin your perfect cheesecake

        Keep it moist
Here is the cheat to avoid crack on your cheesecake, bake the cheesecake with the pan of water on the lower part of the oven.

        Nay to peek and poking
Should put warning signal to not peeking and poking your cheesecake on the oven. The sudden change temperature after that bad habit will cause the cheesecake sink!

Best of luck on your cheesecake making project. Still do not forget that the ingredients you use also matter. The cream cheese brand choosing should be done wisely to make sure it could be mixed well. YUMMY Cream Cheese having various cream cheese that could help your choosing process easier.

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